Isabel  Heines


Formazione professionale

2017 - Edge performing center (Dance academy) 3 mesi

Three months of Jazz and contemporary dance in Hollywood

2017 - Acting classes (Acting is life) 3 mesi

Three months of acting classes about how to create a positive way to become an actor.

2017 - Movie academy (Acting masters) 6 mesi

Different actign masters with some important producers.

2016 - Darec academy (Musical) 2 anni

2 years of musical classes .

2016 - Il cantiere (Acting master) 1 settimana

One week of acting master with Steven Ditmyer

2014 - Off jazz (Dance academy) 1 anno

One year dance academy in France.

2012 - Wos academy (Sing academy) 1 anno

An academy about singin lessons, piano lessons and theory.

2011 - La cinquantina (Sing) 1 anno

One year of private singing lessons

2010 - Centro studi danza amanda modesti (Dance academy) 11 anni

11 years of modern dance, hip hop, contemporary and classic dance.

2000 - La cinquantina (Music) 12 anni

12 years of piano lessons.